Anja Interiors - Inspired by Europe

Anja Interiors - Inspired by Europe

Anja Interiors - Inspired by Europe

Anja, a local artisan here in southern Alberta born in the Netherlands, refurbishes pots found on facebook market place, garage sales, and thrift shops to recreate the Landelijk style popular in Holland! This style, the aged european look, is quickly gaining momentum here in North America as seen in alot of the popular TV Home shows such as Magnolia Network, and designers like Sean Anderson Design. For an actual antique pot or vase from europe you can count on paying upwards of $300.00. Anja refurbishes these vases, candlesticks and decor using various techniques to give you the same look, but for way less!! I (Rachelle) had the pleasure of photographing her magazine worthy home recently, and if you are looking for Landelijk Stijl inspiration, you will most certainly find it below. 

**Images not to be used without express permission of Author or Anja Interiors.
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Hoi Anna, wat geweldig dat je deze stap hebt gezet. Je eigen webwinkel. Kun je trots op zijn!
Heel veel succes.


Wat gaaf, echt prachtig! Je kunt zo zelf in de "WONEN Landelijke style " trots op jou! Liefs je zus x


Absolutely love the landelijke style, beautiful pictures.


Ziet er super mooi uit!!! Topper.
Heel veel succes!!

Elfrida Houkes Schultz

Anja, you have a beautiful home and unique talent for recreating ‘new’ into ‘old’. Thank-you for sharing your home with all of us!


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