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About Bumblerry Home

Bumbleberry Home is a curated collection of rural industrial, urban farmhouse, and old european style. A blend of decor that will satisfy your nostalgic desire for the way things used to be, while still remaining 'in-style'. We feature a unique collection of refurbished pottery from Anja Interiors exclusive to Bumbleberry, woven textiles, hand poured candles, accent decor, furniture, vintage prints and more!

Whether you are looking for period charm, transitional farmhouse, or your own personal flair, you are sure to find it at Bumbleberry Home.

About Rachelle

Hello there, I'm Rachelle. I was born and raised here in southern Alberta, and married to a handsome man from British Columbia. Together we have two beautiful daughters. I love being a mom. That will always come first, but my second love is home decor. My home away from home is New-Jersey. If I can catch my breath and find a bit of spare time you'll find me with a coffee in hand, rearranging my living room for the 30th time, puzzling, tinkling at the piano or organ, mastering the dutch accent, visiting friends, singing at the top of my lungs, making lasagna, or doing absolutely nothing at all. If you can't find me at any of those.... I'm in HomeSense. (also with a coffee in hand) Owning Bumblebery has been a rollercoaster. The kind where sometimes you get a bit nauseous, but you get right back on because it was so fun. Trying to bring something unique and one of a kind to southern Alberta without sacraficing my style, and keeping it affordable has been challenging, but I wouldn't trade any of it. Anja is my right hand here at Bumbleberry, and one of the creative's behind our brand. She brings authentic european style to southern Alberta, and working with her is truly a pleasure. My favourite thing about running this business is the customers. They're all such wonderful wondeful people and I am so lucky to call some of them my friends. Come visit us in store - bring snacks.

About Anja

Hello, my name is Anja Houkes. I was born in the Netherland and before immigrating to Canada worked as a municipality offical in Emmen where I lived. In 2010 I immigrated to Canada with my husband Harry, and my daughters Robin and Luna. When I came to Lethbridge I stayed home for my two daughters and started decorating my new home but couldn't find the style of furniture and decor I was used to seeing in the Netherlands. So, I bought second hand furniture from kijiji and painted it similar to what I had seen back home. In that time shabby chic was the popular style. I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out, and started selling it on kijiji. It became a success and I loved to do it. In 2015 when we moved to Nobleford, my refinishing business became harder because of the distance between Lethbridge and Nobleford so I quit. Then, a new style came in the Netherlands which I loved, and still do! It is called the Landelijk Stijl. So, I bought some used vases and other decor and started to refinish them in that dutch style. I loved the look of it and sold it online and at craft shows and markets. After a while Rachelle approached me and asked me if I would be intered in selling my refinished decor at Bumbleberry. So I did, and have never regretted that decision! I love working with Rachelle at Bumbleberry and continuing to work on my refurbished decor. This was the best opportunity for me, and I am very grateful for it!

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