Bumbleberry Home is a curated collection of rural industrial, urban farmhouse, and old european style. A blend of decor that will satisfy your nostalgic desire for the way things used to be, while still remaining 'in-style'. We feature a unique collection of refurbished pottery from Anja Interiors exclusive to Bumbleberry, woven textiles, hand poured candles, accent decor, furniture, vintage prints and more!

Whether you are looking for period charm, modern farmhouse, or your own personal flair, you are sure to find it at Bumbleberry Home.

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Splinters & Grace

Splinters & Grace Home is a curated collection of wood framed wall art, made by Tina, a southern Alberta maker. We predominately carry the vintage prints, but are able to bring in a variety of sizes, stain colors, and custom projects. Feel free to message us for your custom artwork needs.

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Anja Interiors

Anja Interiors is a small business here in southern Alberta refurbishing thrifted pots and vases to make them look.. even older! The landelijk style is very popular in Europe and these "old" pots and vases are sure to add character to your home. This collection boasts a great variety of refurbished products as well as a curated collection of dutch imported decor.

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